OCIO Territorial Hotel

Península de Rilán
  • Centro de Ocio Hotel Chiloe
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OCIO Territorial Hotel is a boutique design hotel in a contemporary rustic style, located across the bay from Castro on Chiloé Island. The concept is the brainchild of Cristián & Yasna, who established a deep connection with the island of Chiloé and saw the potencial of the fascinating Rilan Peninsula. Ten years later, OCIO Territorial Hotel is a unique place to see, walk, breath and live an authentic Chiloé experience, including two kilometers of private trails, a private dock and boat, private excursions, a spa with hot tub, a restaurant, a typical Chilean fireplace, a lagoon and a farm.

The unique, cozy lodge-style rooms are surrounded by nature and offer amazing views of the fjord. Bright and spacious, rooms and suites are spread out on the 20 hectares estate and come with parquet floors and wooden walls. Rooms range from standard family rooms in the Lodge House to deluxe 60m2 suites with terraces and spa baths.

A buffet breakfast is served daily. Chilean dishes using local produce can be ordered at the property’s restaurant. There is a small wellness centre with a hot tub, sauna and room for massages. Enjoy a walk through the garden with its sculptures, the various outlook points and the the beach and the private boat dock, which can be reached with a 5-minute walk. Also, there are 2 km of private trails.

Your host: Luis Hernán Águila

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 15 rooms
• Hotel opened: February 2013

✅Free on-site parking.

• Castro Airport (WCA): 20-minute drive
• Dalcahue: 20-minute drive
• Castro city centre: 30-minute drive
  • beach
  • boutique
  • charm
  • eco
  • owner-operated
  • room with a view


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