Morgadio da Calçada

  • Morgadio da Calcada
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Morgadio da Calçada is an imposing manor house built at the end of the 17th century. It is one of the major buildings in Provesende, a village famous for winemaking, and today is still a working winery for Port and Douro wines. A cutting-edge boutique hotel was added recently.

The hotel extension in rustic-minimal-contemporary style complements the ornate, palatial mansion and the private chapel. In the mansion, discover the rooms full of history and admire the original ceilings and colours in its interior and the époque furniture, where you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the great vineyard houses of the Douro region, in particular in the dining room, illuminated by candles. Have a glass of the estate's own wine in the former kitchen with fireplace, now turned living room. The estate's vineyards are overseen by Dirk van der Niepoort.

The 8 guestrooms are located in a new extension and offer airconditioning, satellite TV and a private bathroom.

In summer relax in the beautiful gardens and take a dip in the magical swimming pool set admist the ruins of an old port warehouse.

Seasonal hotel: open March-November.

Your host: Manuel Villas-Boas

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 8 rooms

✅Free parking on-site.

• Douro River: 12 km
• Pinhão: 12 km
• Vila Real: 20 km
  • boutique
  • charm
  • heritage
  • swimming pool
  • wine


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