Ratua Private Island

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  • Ratua Private Island Resort Vanuatu
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Located in the remote paradise of the Vanuatu Archipelago, Ratua Private Island offers a return to purity and simplicity that is the ultimate escape from the modern world.

Ratua Private Island, a tiny haven in the Vanuatu Archipelago, exists in perfect harmony with its surroundings, preserving the natural beauty and culture of this untouched paradise.

A collection of 200-year-old houses that have been relocated to the island; each of the 13 villas provides pure romance and serenity in every detail, from the private decks or beaches to the eclectic furnishings. Most beds are also cocooned in billowy mosquito nets.

With perfect weather all year round, crystal clear waters, and 146 acres of natural beauty, the possibilities on Ratua are endless. Wrangle one of the horses that roam free and take a ride on the beach, hike through trails, go snorkeling or wild-surfing, or hit the spa for a relaxing massage.

Picnic on the beach, or sit in the warm glow of lamplight under the rustic wooden ceiling of the Yacht Club to feast on local seafood and organic produce picked fresh from the Kitchen Garden.

✅Free Wi-Fi in public areas.
• 13 bungalows
• Unique: Your stay at Ratua Private Island Vanuatu will directly contribute to the Ratua Foundation, which provides aid for the education of the surrounding communities’ children. Ratua Private Island is 100% non-profit.

Ratua Private Island is a 30-minute boat trip from the mainland to the Ratua Private Island jetty or a 50-minute flight from Port-Vila. A private 700 m air-strip is located on-site.
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