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Located on Macalister Road (named after the once governor of Penang), Macalister Mansion is a cutting edge design hotel some five minutes' drive from the heart of the thriving metropolis (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) George Town. The hotel is a quirky and sophisticated lifestyle destination that nods both to Penang's colonial past and to its colorful present.

The hotel offers just 8 spacious suites, each having its own bespoke features and artwork, ranging from the privately commissioned love sonnet in the Bridal Suite, to the spiral staircase and turret room in Room 4, to the Grace Tan textile piece in Room 7 that pays tribute to the tartan colors of the Macalister clan.

There is a all-day informal restaurant, a gourmet restaurant, a wine bar and a whiskey bar. Outside guest can enjoy the gardens with its swimming pool. 

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 8 suites
• Hotel opened: 2013
• Architecture & Interior Design: Colin Seah (Ministry of Design)

✅Free on-site parking.

• Penang International Airport: 14 km
  • art
  • boutique
  • glam & sexy
  • luxury
  • swimming pool


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