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Far from the prototypical buzzy Mediterranean beach holiday, the tranquil landscape of Caminha, a small, ancient fortress city on the river Minho two kilometers from the Atlantic coast, oozes mindful relaxation. Housed in a newly refurbished, 18th century manor and an adjoining futuristic, partially solar-powered steel construction, Design & Wine Hotel lives up to its name through its support of local culture and cuisine in its gallery, restaurant and enoteca respectively. Each of the hotel’s 18 bespoke rooms and five suites feature a design concept influenced by painting, graphic design, street art, or fashion.

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 23 rooms
• Hotel opened: 2012
• Architecture: Pedro Guimarães
• Interiors: Feedback Studio
• Unique: Part of the new, high-tech, building revolves by 35 degrees twice a day providing guests with the best views possible of the river.

Public off-site parking.

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