Saffire Freycinet

  • Saffire Freycinet Tasmania Hotel
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Not so long ago, the wood plateau where Saffire Freycinet stands was a trailer park. It must have been the most alluring caravan site in the world, because one of the best things about this hotel is the view. The main building and 20 pavilion-suites look across Great Oyster Bay to the five peaks of the Hazards beyond. The mountains constantly change colour with the hour of the day and the quality of the light, but between the summits of Amos and Mayson there is always a parabolic dip like a clown's grin.

The pavilions are fabulously luxurious and also cosy - a difficult trick to pull off. You can help yourself to anything you find in the kitchen, which takes the tiresome calculation out of having a drink or a snack. It makes you feel as if you're at home, or at the weekend hideaway of a generous friend. Room facilities include a flatscreen TV, a CD/DVD player, a preloaded iPod, a minibar, Reidel glassware, Bugatti kitchenware, and flowers. Some pavilions have a private plunge pool. 24-hour room service.

The hotel's gourmet contemporary restaurant focuses on sea food with tasting menus of local oysters, crayfish, scallops, mussels and fish. Fruit and vegetables grow on site and regional produce includes goats cheese, beef and lamb. There is an inviting lounge/bar with library and outside deck.

The rate includes all meals, a welcome spa treatment and a range of activities from Quad Bike excursions to Wineglass Bay walks.

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 20 suites
• Bathroom amenities: Gaia

✅Free on-site parking.

• Coles Bay: 5-minute drive
• golf course: 5-minute drive
  • architecture
  • beach
  • boutique
  • golf
  • gourmet
  • luxury
  • spa
  • wine


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