explora ATACAMA

San Pedro de Atacama
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  • Explora Atacama Hotel de Larache
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explora ATACAMA is a stunning hotel located in the Atacama desert, the driest place on earth. A territory so vast that time and direction seem to have no meaning. In harmony with the surroundings and local traditions, the hotel offers 40+ explorations (on foot, bicycle or horseback) to discover the essence of nature. Hotel facilities include large and luxury rooms, 4 swimming pools, a hot tub, a sauna and a bar and restaurant. There is also a private observatory with a powerful telescope.

✅Free Wi-Fi in public areas
• 52 rooms
• Unique: The hotel's 17 hectares are part of a conservation program, which aims to restore the area's historical and scientific value.

✅Free on-site parking

• San Pedro de Atacama: 1 km
• Moon Valley: 10 km
• Puritama Hot Springs: 45 km
• El Loa Airport: 100 km

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  • luxury
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