explora RAPA NUI

Te Miro Oone
  • Explora Rapa Nui Hotel Easter Island
  • Explora Rapa Nui Hotel Easter Island
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explora RAPA NUI is a stunning hotel located on a tranquil spot on Easter Island from which the mysteries and dramatic isolation are in full view. The stunning hotel architecture blends the island's unique geography and heritage, with its vibrant present. Rates include all transportation (including the airport), meals, beverages and over 20 explorations either by foot or bike including unexplored trails through natural wonders, visits to archaeological sites and snorkeling in the Pacific. Chic-rustic rooms over undisturbed sea views. There is a panoramic swimming pool, hot tub and a restaurant where regional specialties and international cuisine are offered.

✅Free Wi-Fi in public areas
• 30 rooms
• Unique: Award winning architecture

❌No parking available

• Mata Veri Airport: 3 km
• Hanga Roa: 8 km
  • architecture
  • eco
  • luxury
  • swimming pool


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