• Consolacion Hotel Teruel
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Consolación can be found in the mountainous Matarraña region in the Teruel province of south-east Aragón. It is set beside a 16th-century hermitage, just outside the village of Monroyo. Consolación is an award winning design hotel combining modernity, tradition, comfort, cuisine and nature.

The hotel offers cutting edge decorated rooms, split between a converted building and a range of cubist structures. Guest rooms in the cubicles have large windows and designer details such as sunken slate baths and Alvar Aalto furniture. Most rooms have private terraces.

The hotel offers a swimming pool set in extensive gardens and offering views of the surrounding pine forest and mountains. The hotel has various lounges and a library. Bicycles are available to rent.

The restaurant is housed in the former barn. The menu is based on local products from the Matarraña region and combines respect for traditional flavours with aesthetic detail, and dishes alternate according to the season. The kitchen is a space open to guests and diners and offers a table where one can have breakfast on special days, with a stocked refrigerator available to customers who arrive when the cooks are resting.

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 12 rooms
• Hotel opened: 2009
• Architecture: Eslela Camprubi & Eugenia Santacana
• Interior design: Antique Boutique

✅Free parking on site.

• Barcelona: 250 km
• Valencia: 200 km
• Zaragoza: 100 km
• Castellón: 100 km

  • architecture
  • brilliant
  • minimalist
  • swimming pool


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