Ksar Char Bagh

  • Ksar Char-Bagh Hotel Marrakech
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Just fifteen minutes outside of Marrakech is an upscale district called the Palmeraie, a thousand-year-old palm-grove oasis in the midst of a dry desert landscape. Here you will find Ksar Char Bagh, a luxury boutique hotel with a style blend of traditional opulence and sleek contemporary design, equal parts Moorish and minimalist, with plenty of open space. It offers spacious, individually decorated suites (some with private gardens and pools), a number of sitting rooms and a billiards room, and a dining room serving a mix of local and Continental cuisine. There is a palm-lined pool and spa treatments are administered in the vault beneath the hotel, or in the open-air massage space behind the pool.

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 13 suites (50-125m2)

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  • boutique
  • glam & sexy
  • luxury
  • private pools
  • spa
  • swimming pool


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