About DNA Hotels

DNA Hotels is a guide to unique hotels worldwide. We list such properties as -but not limited to-:

  • boutique hotels
  • design hotels
  • arts hotels
  • indie hotels
  • hip hotels
  • charm hotels
  • glam & sexy hotels
  • lifestyle hotels
  • grand & palace hotels    

Hotels do not need to be a certain category, we do not list only luxury hotels but pride ourselves on listing budget options too, be it properties from specialized design budget chains, hip hostels or plain charming b&b's and guesthouses.

All hotels are hand picked. There is not a standard of 'rules' we apply. We do look at the review sites and read the magazines how hotels are scoring. Usually a minumum recommendation rate of 80% on TripAdvisor is expected. However we do list properties that score lower if we feel those properties are not just for everyone in terms of style or location. You will get a general feel looking at what we have with results for some of your location or style searches or flipping through the individual hotel pages.

Hotels do not pay to be on this site. Also, the use for you is completely free-of-charge. No additional booking costs are added. A few hotels have special arrangements with us. You will notice these by having a "website" button linking to their own websites. They either pay a commission direct to us or pay a flat membership fee. Again, there are no costs for you.

If you like to book one of the properties simply click the "booking" button. The link will take you to one of the booking sites we are affiliated with. Mostly to Booking.com as we like their user-friendly reservation system, but we also link to the likes of Splendia, Mr & Mrs Smith, Design Hotels, Hotels.com and some others. These booking sites will handle the complete reservation process, including cancellations. Please be aware that when booking you apply to their terms & conditions.

Deals & Steals

Looking for a special hotel at a special price? Check out the deals & steals section by clicking the link above. If the hotel  is listed on DNA Hotels you will also see the deals link popping up in the search results and individual hotel pages. For hot deals we suggest you to opt-in for our newsletter (see below).

Tip a hotel

If you feel we missed out on a hotel you like very much, just let us know by sending an email to us by using the contact form below. Let us know which hotel (or guesthouse, b&b, hostel, singular property, etc) and where we can find it on the net. Much appreciated!

If you are a hotel and like to promote your property send us an email too and we will send you the password to access our dedicated hoteliers page.


Also much appreciated if you could leave us and your fellow DNA Hotels travellers a review on any of the properties you stayed at listed on DNA Hotels. We defnitely have a disadvantage to the booking systems we use as they have your details on file and will ask you to review. And the reason they score so high on the search engines, not to mention enormous budgets to advertise... But please do with us (too) using the unique style-o-meter. This will much help growing this community.

Other Hotels

As said, DNA Hotels is a hand-picked selection of properties we think will suit you. If however, we do not list a certain location you are going to, or the property is fully booked we suggest to search one of the sites listed in our "Other Hotels" directly. You will certainly find something there! 

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